“I burn with the flame of a thousand candles”

“Angels reveal themselves to people who need saving”

“Joan has appeared to give you charge”

“I’m going to fulfil my mission from Joan of Arc”

Spontaneous Human Combustion is a dynamic, witty and challenging new play for high school students that employs theatrical conventions of Magical Realism and Contemporary Performance. Commissioned by Brisbane Girls Grammar School, this play was written and directed by Daniel Evans for The Senior Drama Production in 2017. This website aims to offers drama educators and students a versatile curriculum resource giving insight into the process and production of this play. Teaching and learning activities, video clips and printable resources offer opportunities to unpack the play text as a course of study and assist in deepening students’ understanding of this theatrical style.

2020 Copyright Brisbane Girls Grammar School
This resource was written by Mrs Katrina Riveros with video by Mr Brad Jennings.